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What Choirs are Available?


Credits: 0.5

Prerequisites: n/a

Description: Chorus is a beginning course where, through a variety of two-part or three-part repertoire, students will learn the foundations of music. Past repertoire has included Be A Santa MedleyScales and Arpeggios (from Aristocats), Fly/I Believe I Can FlyCome to the Music, and joining the other choirs in For GoodTake on the World, and Night of Silence.

Semester: Offered both fall and spring semesters.


Concert Choir

Credits: 1.0 (full year course)

Prerequisites: 1 semester of Chorus or audition (occurs in May)

Description: Concert Choir is an intermediate course where, through a variety of three-part or four-part repertoire, students will learn beginning music theory, musicianship, and focus on sight-singing. Past repertoire has included Hushabye, Nanita NanaBethlehem LullabyBe A Santa Medley, Inscription of Hope, and I Will Survive/Survivor. They also join the other choirs for the final song of each concert.

Semester: Full year commitment


Madrigals (A Capella)

Credits: 0.5

Prerequisites: 1 semester of any choir or audition (occurs in May)

Description: This is a new course! Students in Madrigals will sing a variety of repertoire spanning 14th century a capella to current arrangements of a capella music. They will learn the minutae of keeping their own melody, using the voice to sound like instruments, and balancing each part to create the "one voice" sound. Madrigals will join the other choirs to sing the final song of each concert.

Semester: Fall


Show Choir

Credits: 0.5

Prerequisites: 1 semester of any choir, 1 semester of dance, or audition (occurs in May)

Description: Show Choir chooses arrangements of music in two-part to four-part repertoire to perform both as student choreography or choreographed by a professional. Past repertoire has included City of StarsSparklejollytwinklejingleyCan You Hear the AngelsRumor Has It/Someone Like YouJust the Way You Are/Just a Dream, and Around the World With Disney. Show Choir also joins the other choirs to sing (no choreography) the final song of each concert.

Semester: Spring


Honors Choir

Credits: 1.0 (full year course)

Prerequisites: 1 semester of Concert Choir or Madrigals or audition (occurs in May)

Description: Honors Choir is an intermediate to advanced course where, through a variety of three-part to six-part repertoire, students will learn intermediate music theory, musicanship, and music reading. Past repertoire has included Mary Did You KnowBreath of WinterBaby Born in Bethlehem, The Nightmare Before Christmas MedleyMan in the MirrorAladdin Medley, 90s Rock Party, and all the final concert pieces such as For Good and My Shot

Semester: Full year commitment


Liturgy Choir Club

Credits: n/a - service hours

Prerequisites: n/a

Description: Liturgy Choir meets once a week to learn music for each of our masses over the course of the year. It welcomes anyone as they have time throughout the year to come lead our school with music ministry. Students must attend two rehearsals to be able to sing at mass (and earn service hours).

Semester: Full year opportunities

Performance Opportunities

Throughout the course of the year, the students may be provided the following opportunities:


AZMEA Fall Choir Festival

Grandparents’ Day

Fall Fine Arts Festival

ASU Gammage Performance

AZMEA Solo & Ensemble

AZMEA All-Regional Honors Festival

AZMEA All-State Honors Festival

GCU Recording Studio Field Trip

Crozier Honors Choir

Scottsdale Arts Performance

Vi Art Show

Senior Concert

Spring Fine Arts Festival

Various National Anthem Opportunities (NDP, GCU, etc)

Various Solo Opportunities

Middle School Tours (not every year)

Competitions (not every year)






Concert Choir


Show Choir

Honors Choir

Liturgy Choir

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